A 50% Profit on Roku in 4 Minutes

Tuesday morning, I issued a trade on Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU).

In the blink of an eye, it turned into the fastest winner in the history of The War Room.

It made members up to 50% in four minutes!

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Then take a quick look at what War Room members said about this 50%-in-four-minutes Roku trade…

“In at $3.40, out $5.10 You rocked it today, Bryan! That is the way to start the morning in The War Room!” – R.

“In at $3.55, out at $5 for 41% profit. WOW!” – Inctrdr49

“That might be a War Room record… four minutes?!? Wow!” – Bill LeRoy

“Haha, that’s some quick money!!” – Michael Espinosa

“Very nice. In at $3.45, out at $5 in minutes.” – Tom A.

“I made 45% on that one. Awesome.” – James M.

“Managed to get in at $3.59 and out at $4.70. Wow, that was crazy fast!” – Roy

“100 more of those and I’m retired. Let’s go!!!” – Gary M.

If you think it’s time for you to start making 50% in four minutes, watch my new video!

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