Hot Stove Analysis

We’ve found that a small handful of technical formations have proved to be consistently profitable.

Is Your Bank Paying You?

Since the lows in March, I have been pounding the table telling War Room members to buy the big banks.

Make 50% in One Day With This $1 Stock?

If Party City can renegotiate its debt, the shares could be off to the races again, this time for real.

Take Profits on These Five Winners – Right Now

The picks Karim and I have been making here in Trade of the Day have been absolutely crushing it in the month of May. Today, it’s time to ring the register.

Don’t Sit on This!

War Room members paid less for this stock than a director did… even though the shares are at a higher price.

Vegas Was Closed… but This Casino Paid Out!

Members were able to trade at 20% the cost of shares and walked away with a 30% profit.

You Like This $12 Stock From Brazil?

“Not a bad idea,” I told him. To which he snapped back, “But I’m not done!”

Own This Stock Before This Thursday

Grab the next group of winners in the post-COVID-19 world.

This $2 Stock Is on a Tear

A lot of successful investing has to do with knowing when to buy and when to sell.

War Room Members Locked In Profits of 65% From This Trade

My focus has been on the trend in silver and gold prices.

You’ll Never Guess What’s Sold Out Across America Right Now!

A friend of mine had to get into a “bidding war” to get one of these because they’re sold out everywhere else.

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