Hot Stove Analysis

We’ve found that a small handful of technical formations have proved to be consistently profitable.

A Microcap Stock Play With MoneyGram

A special three-pronged strategy found only in The War Room.

Understanding Put Selling With Advanced Micro Devices

The way we do put selling in The War Room is very different – and it’s why we haven’t had a single loss to date.

Revisiting Our Winner on Zynga

If you acted on this play – and you’re showing similar gains – then go ahead and ring the register!

Miss Tesla’s Pop? Catch Up Immediately With One Click

Discover a cheap backdoor way to capitalize on the Tesla move – all for a fraction of the price.

How to Think Like a Market Maker

Learn the connection between options trading and market makers.

Peloton and Twitter – Two Earnings Plays to Watch Immediately

Will Peloton and Twitter gap up or gap down tomorrow morning? We’ll certainly be tracking and trading them in The War Room.

Removing the Mystery From the VXX

Knowing how to trade the VXX is just as important as understanding how it actually works.

China’s Telegraphed Stock Plunge

Hundreds of foreign stocks trade in the U.S.

Using Strangle Trades to Win on General Electric

By placing a unique trade setup, we don’t care which way shares of General Electric move – we’re positioned to make money!

Tug-of-War With General Electric

Not knowing how a trade is going to play out is one of the key ingredients for volatility!

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