Sharp Paper Insiders

A significant number of company insiders trading or an abnormal amount of options activity means it’s time to investigate.

Three Stocks Billionaires Are Investing in Right Now

These billionaires are showing us how info beats luck every time.

Trailing a $395,500 Bet in Shopify

Continue to follow the lead of this Sharp Paper put buyer.

JPMorgan Helps Us Uncover Goldman Sachs Trade

A large bullish call order on JPMorgan prompted me to look at other financial charts.

Playing The Children’s Place Lower in The War Room

A sharp paper trader with intimate knowledge of fall children’s fashion may know something we don’t.

Big-Name Investor Sells Shares and Triggers a Play Opportunity

From July 22 to August 23, Mark Pulte disclosed the sale of more than 2.3 million shares of PulteGroup.

How Sharp Paper and a W Pattern Made 30% Overnight on Cisco

Does somebody know something about Cisco?

Making a Quick 20% Gain on Funko Stock

We tracked Funko in The War Room and delivered a strong winner for our members.

Someone Is Betting More Than $750K That Footlocker Will Drop

Two negative triggers just hit this popular sector.

How Hi-Crush Made Us 30% in Less Than 4 Hours

Insider buying tipped me off to this profitable stock play.

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