Sharp Paper Insiders

A significant number of company insiders trading or an abnormal amount of options activity means it’s time to investigate.

How Sharp Paper and a W Pattern Made 30% Overnight on Cisco

Does somebody know something about Cisco?

Making a Quick 20% Gain on Funko Stock

We tracked Funko in The War Room and delivered a strong winner for our members.

Someone Is Betting More Than $750K That Footlocker Will Drop

Two negative triggers just hit this popular sector.

How Hi-Crush Made Us 30% in Less Than 4 Hours

Insider buying tipped me off to this profitable stock play.

American Airlines Insiders Tip Off a Potential Play

Thanks to a very specific type of insider buying, we might have a play on our hands.

More Insiders Buy Bunge Limited Shares

Even more insiders bought into Bunge Limited – this signals the time for a play.

Bunge Limited Insiders Are Cluster Buying

Bunge Limited’s CEO has millions of dollars’ worth of faith in his company.

Trading GE Stock Delivers Us a Double

General Electric delivered big in The War Room beta.

Will This Lone Wolf Get Lam Research Right?

One lone wolf bet half a million dollars on this trade – does he know something no one else does?

Three Picks in the Energy Sector

Three stocks in the energy sector are really moving – let’s catch up.

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