Sharp Paper Insiders

A significant number of company insiders trading or an abnormal amount of options activity means it’s time to investigate.

Bunge Limited Insiders Are Cluster Buying

Bunge Limited’s CEO has millions of dollars’ worth of faith in his company.

Trading GE Stock Delivers Us a Double

General Electric delivered big in The War Room beta.

Will This Lone Wolf Get Lam Research Right?

One lone wolf bet half a million dollars on this trade – does he know something no one else does?

Three Picks in the Energy Sector

Three stocks in the energy sector are really moving – let’s catch up.

Betting Against the Insiders

Opko shares have been steadily declining even as insiders continue buying.

Insider Buying Is Signaling a Potential Opportunity in This Stock

With investors buying at current and higher levels, it’s clear there could be an opportunity with Tivity.

This Stock’s Volatility Could Be Unlocked Soon

An upcoming earnings report could be the catalyst for an even bigger play.

Insiders Have Been Steadily Accumulating These Shares for Months

This trail of insider bread crumbs is too enticing to ignore.

Do Insiders Fear That Roku Is Already Obsolete?

Will “streaming fatigue” mark the end of Roku’s run?

It’s Time to Follow the Insiders on This Trade

Multiple investors are eyeing Caesars for a potential merger or buy – let’s follow the money.

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