Trading “Smart Speculations”

Put a little at risk – to potentially make a lot. Use calculated, precise strategies to position yourself for substantial future price moves.

This Harry S. Truman Quote Is More Relevant Than Ever

Does market pricing on something that has not yet happened make you nervous?

FXI Trade Teaches 3 Important Lessons

Here are three important lessons that help protect investments.

Geopolitical Issues Set Up This GDXJ Play

Here’s why there’s more value in the junior mining sector right now.

Delta Air Lines Earnings Report Lines Up Profitable Trade

If Delta Air Lines shares move 5% higher or lower, you can make around 36% overnight.

Another Barrick Gold Play Looms on the Horizon

After jumping in and out of Barrick Gold with a spread, we’re eyeing a possible return to playing the stock.

War Room Members Profit From Micron Technology’s Best Day in 8 Years

In The War Room, we were positioned to profit before Micron’s upside move even occurred.

Earnings Report Could Trigger a Trade on Zillow

Since Zillow currently has a short position that’s higher than Beyond Meat’s, any sort of news trigger, such as tomorrow’s homebuilder earnings, could impact the stock movement.

Using FXI to Profit From the Trump-Xi Meeting

With a unique penny option strangle, we’re positioned to profit after the meeting happens.

Gold Rises After Federal Reserve Comments

Thanks to the Federal Reserve, gold investors could have a shining opportunity on the horizon.

Why I Like Losing Money on Hedges, Part 2

Here’s Bryan’s take on this important trading topic.

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