Trading “Smart Speculations”

Put a little at risk – to potentially make a lot. Use calculated, precise strategies to position yourself for substantial future price moves.

Why Customers Won’t Cut Back on Starbucks

Starbucks shares are nothing to be concerned about.

The Truth About Losses, Sizing and Greed

Setting up your endgame is one of the most important things a trader can do.

Making a 130% Overnight Gain on Kellogg

Joining this new social media club for investors could help you make winning trades.

More Gain Opportunities With Match Group

How to Tell When a Company Will Continue to Rise in Revenue

Beyond Meat Locked In a Quick Overnight Winner

“My coffee is still warm, and I put $400 in my pocket. Maybe I drink slow. But hey, I will take it. Thanks, Bryan.” – R

Making 80% Overnight on Under Armour

Here’s how War Room members made 80% on Under Armour – without knowing which way the stock would go after reporting earnings.

How Smart Speculation Made 51% and 108% Overnight

Here’s how War Room members made 51% and 108% overnight – all without knowing the direction of a stock.

A Gamer’s Take on Playing GameStop

As GameStop shares continue to fall, it might be time to plan a play around this former video game giant.

This Harry S. Truman Quote Is More Relevant Than Ever

Does market pricing on something that has not yet happened make you nervous?

FXI Trade Teaches 3 Important Lessons

Here are three important lessons that help protect investments.

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