Trading “Smart Speculations”

Put a little at risk – to potentially make a lot. Use calculated, precise strategies to position yourself for substantial future price moves.

Will China Sign on the Dotted Line?

The U.S.-China trade deal could open up an opportunity in the electric car market.

A Smart Speculation Trade for Later This Week

Do Signet put buyers know something we don’t?

Two Unique Trading Strategies Used to Profit From the Same Stock

Here’s how Dollar General just paid out… twice.

Boeing Stock Is Plummeting, But This Airline Could Soar

Boeing’s blunder has left an opening in the airline sector.

The IPO You Ignored Last Year Is Now an Immediate “Buy”

We just witnessed the strongest trigger catalyst a newly public company could ask for.

Locking In Your First Winner of 2019

We predicted Goldman Sachs would do well in 2019, and it did – tremendously!

Your First Top Pick for 2019

Recent market volatility has cleared the way for the first pick of 2019.

The Backdoor Beneficiary of the China-U.S. Trade Truce

Critical support levels indicate it’s a very good time to get in on this high-end jeweler.

Make 39% in Less Than an Hour

Telltale signs of an impending stock drop can mean fast profits.

Staking a Position Before the News Hits Could Pay Off… Big Time

Can you use the UPS contract uncertainty to your advantage?

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