Cboe Global Markets Delivers 7 Straight Winners

Sure, yesterday’s upside pop across all of the major market sectors was nice to see. But over the last six weeks, the market has been stuck in a pretty sharp downside trend.

One name that’s performed beautifully for us in the midst of these six weeks of chaos is Cboe Global Markets (Nasdaq: CBOE).

For example, since April 18, we’ve played Cboe calls seven times in The War Room. All seven trades were quick, consistent winners…

Cboe May $100 calls

Cboe May $103 calls

Cboe June $105 calls

Cboe June $106 calls

Cboe June $196 calls

Cboe June $109 calls

Cboe June $109 calls








Why has Cboe been such a safe, steady and consistent performer for us in The War Room?

In times of market chaos, you see heightened trading activity. This leads to larger trading volumes. And both of those things are great for the market exchange business model. In fact, we’ve been stressing this theme for weeks – and it’s been working beautifully.

CBOE Global Markets Daily - line graph

Just recently, Barron’s finally got wind of this trading theme – which is why Steven M. Sears just titled his May 30 Striking Price column, “This Stock Market Is Getting Scary. How to Protect Yourself With ‘Exchange Stocks.'”

He writes…

When institutional investors think the markets are going to convulse, they often buy the stocks of exchanges. Panic increases trading volumes, the argument goes. Exchanges make money each time someone trades, and they make even more money selling data to algorithmic trading firms that act on relationships and patterns often invisible to the human eye.

President Donald Trump is expected to meet with President Xi Jinping of China at the Group of 20 meeting in late June. If the confab is viewed as exacerbating the trade war, the Cboe Volatility Index, or VIX, will probably surge, and investors may rush to sell stocks to reduce risk, which would influence S&P 500 options and futures trading. If saber-rattling over Iran evolves into war, oil prices should increase, and panicked investors would probably sell stocks and run to the safety of cash or bonds.

The takeaway here is Cboe, Intercontinental Exchange (which owns the New York Stock Exchange) and the Nasdaq are all in play.

What I specifically like about Cboe is the company owns all the proprietary trading data associated with its entire exchange. Monetizing this valuable information – by selling it to trading firms – represents a massive profit center for Cboe that could offer tremendous growth.

Action Plan: In The War Room, we’ve been buying Cboe on any dips because that typically leads to a reversal move to the upside. We’ll continue to implement this strategy as long as it works. So far, we see no indication of it stopping!

What are War Room members saying about our Cboe trades? See for yourself…

War Room Member Michael S.: “I’ve made $7,500-plus on Cboe since joining! Thank you, Bryan! Never traded Cboe before!”

War Room Member Bruce: “Another Cboe. In at $1.50, out at $1.75. It feels good. Traded 20 contracts for a $500 profit. Yeah!!!”

War Room Member Nick: “Cboe is still up. Now it’s 23% up for me.”

War Room Member Russell H.: “Cboe, in at $1.40, out at $1.85.”

War Room Member Mark Polles: “I just made my first-ever $1K on an options trade. Exciting.”

War Room Member Inctrdr49: “Took the fastest 20% profit ever! Thanks, Bryan!! :>)”

War Room Member Bruce: “The latest Cboe recommendation a couple of minutes ago, I sold at $2.40 – 20 contracts. Yeah! Score one for the good guys, and for Bryan and Karim’s excellent teaching!!! :-)”

And those are just The War Room notes about Cboe Global Markets. Here are some others that we received today…

War Room Member Otam C.: “Microsoft was up 77% for me. Big thank you from Canada.”

War Room Member Charles S.: “HOLY CRAP, Microsoft! I was in at $0.98, and I sold for $2.44. BOOM BABY!”

War Room Member Jeff E.: “Closed Microsoft at $2.37 for a 43% gain.”

War Room Member Bill L.: “I just made $4,100 on Microsoft. Bryan and Karim, I don’t care what anyone else says, you guys are brilliant. My heart is beating out of my chest right now. What a thrill ride this is.”

War Room Member Valerie M.: “Yeah! Microsoft in at $1.40, out at $2.60.”

War Room Member Qiu: “Microsoft was a good play. I got above a 43% return. Thanks, Bryan.”

Do you want to be the one making these returns – and sending in the next testimonial? Learn more about how to get trade recommendations like these in The War Room by clicking here.

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