How AbbVie Could Make You 50 Times Your Investment

In yesterday’s Trade of the Day, I wrote to you about the AbbVie (NSYE: ABBV) trade in The War Room. I recommended members enter a Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) option trade that expires in 2021.

It was supposed to be a longer-term hold… but the market was very kind to us. I put out a sell alert for AbbVie yesterday, presenting nice overnight gains of up to 20%!

But it gets even better than that…

If you recall, my original plan was to recommend a spread trade. That’s when you buy or own one position and sell an option against that position. Your gain is limited to the spread in strike prices, but your cost is also lowered.

War Room members did exactly that with AbbVie. Let me walk you through the real-time example.

I recommended members enter the AbbVie January 2021 $77.50 calls for $4.60. Members who didn’t want to leg in to the spread actually ended up selling for $5.45.

For members who wanted to stay in the position, I recommended they sell the January 2021 $80 calls against the $77.50 call position.

We sold those calls for $4.60 to $4.65… Can you see where I am going with this?

The calls sold for the same price or more than the price of the calls that members bought. So War Room members took ALL their money off the table, leaving them with zero risk – nada, zilch!

The upside is the spread between the $80 and $77.50 calls, which is $2.50.

War Room members cannot lose any money on this trade! Do you know how rare that is? They have a free ride at the market’s expense.

If AbbVie closes above $80 at expiration in January 2021, members stand to make $2.50 on their $0.05… That’s 50 times the cost!

The best part about this trade is that War Room members were able to take their original investment off the table and put it to use somewhere else – while the free ride keeps rolling.

I acted fast to get members into AbbVie, and they had to move fast to get out and right back into the spread. Without the real-time direction and guidance I provide to members in The War Room, this trade would have been near impossible!

Here’s what just a couple members had to say about getting into the spread…

50 BAGGER >>>>>> Now that’s what I call a nice return for a FREE TRADE 🙂 Keep them coming ‘ACES’ !!! $$$” – Woodman

In ABBV $80 calls for $4.65… got to love a NO COST trade (including commissions)… and room to run!!! 🙂 🙂 ” – Michael E.

Action Plan: That next spread trade could happen next week. Don’t you want to be in line for a chance at 50 times your investment or more? Join The War Room, and I’ll walk you through it step by step!

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