The Top 5 Mistakes New Traders Make

If you’re like most people, you’re intrigued by the immense profit potential of the stock market.

And you want a piece of the action.

But at the same time, you are also intimidated by the terminology, unsure of the risks involved and skeptical of your own ability.

Well, you can relax now – we’ve got you covered…

In today’s Trade Talk Tuesday, I review the top five mistakes new traders make and show you how to avoid them.

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“I closed the 1 Shares/Contracts I opened at $1.95 for $4.00.
105%. Sweet. Thank you BB.”
– Bill C.

“In @ $1.50 out @ $4.70. Thanks Bryan”
– Dan M.

“I closed the 3 Shares/Contracts I opened at $1.95 for $4.50.
$780 profit @ 131%.”
– Chris F.

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