This Stock Is Never Down More Than Two Days in a Row

I’d like to walk you through a perfectly executed trade that just happened in The War Room – to give you a real-life account of how beneficial this revolutionary new service could be for you.

It started last week when I told War Room subscribers that fast-growing cloud computing firm Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) is a stock that doesn’t drop two days in a row. In fact, for the entire 2019 trading year so far, there hasn’t been a single occurrence when Twilio has traded significantly in the red for more than two consecutive market sessions.

Patterns like this are exactly what I constantly scan for in The War Room. Because when they’re identified and leveraged properly, they often lead to quick and consistent winners.

That’s exactly what happened this week…

On March 5, I noted that Twilio had one big down day. This meant that if Twilio’s 2019 trading pattern held true, it would soon begin to recover – which is something I immediately alerted in The War Room.

Before the open on March 11, I wrote…

As discussed last week, Twilio is looking to recapture the one-day losses of last week. Let’s get involved.

Here’s the time line…

On March 8, at 9:33 a.m., I sent out an alert to The War Room…

Buy the Twilio March $118 calls (O:TWLO 19C118.00D15) for the best prices available, good for the day.

Entry prices were filled at $3.45 per contract. And just as expected, Twilio started the day by moving up – and didn’t look back. At the close of trading, Twilio was up $5.29.

But we were long gone well before then. In fact, 15 minutes after my message, subscribers were already receiving an alert to take profits.

That’s when I posted this…

Just as we suspected, Twilio is blasting into the upside void – handing us an immediate profit. Let’s go ahead and lock in our fast winner now!

That note was followed by this sell advice at 9:48 a.m…

Sell your Twilio March $118 calls (O:TWLO 19C118.00D15) for the best prices available, good for the day.

All told, The War Room subscribers entered Twilio for $3.45 and sold for $4.75 – a 37% winner in less than 15 minutes.

Action Plan: Looking ahead, Twilio remains a stock that’s worth playing on any one-day dips.

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