A Peek Inside Our Trading Room

Today’s video answers one of the most commonly asked questions I get…

What does a typical day in The War Room look like?

If you’ve never been inside The War Room – I can tell you – it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Want a sneak peek?

Then check this out…

P.S. We just launched Trade of the Day Plus!

For all you who have been asking, here’s the deal with Trade of the Day Plus. As I’m sure you know, most of the stock picks that Karim and I make here in Trade of the Day turn into monster winners. But many times, Trade of the Day members like you ask us when to buy and when to sell. So we decided to launch a stock service that addresses these concerns.

Every Wednesday, Karim and I will send out a new Trade of the Day Plus video that will profile our best stock pick that week. We will then track this pick and give you entry and exit advice. If you’d like to be part of this weekly video service (new videos will go out every Wednesday after the close), then you’re invited to join us here. Best of all, it’s the most inexpensive product we’ve ever launched!

YES! I want Trade of the Day Plus.

Note: If you want an interactive video delivered to your inbox each Wednesday (all for the cost of the pocket change that’s sitting in the cupholder of your car right now), then you’re most certainly welcome to join us today!

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