A Phenomenal A+ Trade Setup

We’re coming off record highs in the indexes as of yesterday.

And now I’m looking for a potential pullback, or at least sideways movement, in the indexes.

I also have my eyes on a phenomenal trade setup I just found using my S.A.M. scanner.

Click the image below to get the trade.

What's My Buy Range?



As you’ll see in the chart below, Nvidia has an A+ setup on the 195min chart. Since they don’t have earnings coming up until late August, I’d like to enter in the August date range around $124-126 with a stop below $120.

Nvidia (NVDA) Chart(Click to enlarge)

What I love about my S.A.M. scanner is that I can find the best trade setups so I can make more trades in less time. To see more setups like the one I just showed you on Nvidia, I recommend joining me in Daily Profits Live.

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P.S. I love answering your questions. It’s the best and most rewarding part of my gig. If you have a ticker or chart you want me to break down – or just a general trading question – please email me at feedback@monumenttradersalliance.com. I’ll let you know my thoughts on a few submissions in a future video.



“Closed (INTC) 5 at .73 earlier this morning. In at 1.31 for a 48% winner in 6 weeks. Good one Karim!”
– JV

““$7.45 in (NIKE) and $14.86 out 100% (overnight) return. Thank you Bryan!”
– Linda5

“In OLLI $1.40 Out @ $2.37 for a 68% gain (in 6 days). Thanks Nate.”
– tlee9999