An A+ Setup on This Tech Stock

Daily Profits Live members often ask me “when is the best time to get back in on a trade?”

I cover that in today’s video. I also recap last week’s trade on CVNA and the strategy behind “dialing down.”

Plus, I go over a squeeze on the QQQ and what it means for the markets going forward.

Lastly, I have a new trade A+ setup on an AI ticker with a squeeze.

Click the image below to access this fastmoving trade setup.

An A+ Setup on Another Group with Ai Demand



Right now ARM has an A+ chart. If you look at the image below, you can see it has a trend, pattern and a squeeze. What I’d like to do is get in pretty close to its next earnings in April, and I’m looking for entry around the $135-138 range.

ARM Holdings(Click to enlarge)

For more A+ trade setups like these, I recommend joining me in Daily Profits Live. I recently unveiled my latest Ai trading tool, SAM, to DPL members. Last week I went over an A+ setup on CVNA that led to a 58.10% gain in 1 trading day.

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P.S. I love answering your questions. It’s the best and most rewarding part of my gig. If you have a ticker or chart you want me to break down – or just a general trading question – please email me at I’ll let you know my thoughts on a few submissions in a future video.



“I closed the 3 shares/contracts (on VRT) I opened at $4.65 for $7.50 (in 1 trading day). Thank you for the $1140 profit and 60% win Bryan.”
– Steve5

“Managed the MU price to 0.44, out @ 0.74 x 30 for a $900 profit (68% in 4 trading days). Thanks Nate for a great trade. Nice way to start the week!!”
– SpacemanSnoopy1