Can These Markets Keep Going Higher?

Yesterday the markets hit record highs – again.

On Tuesday, the QQQ hit a new 52-week high, and the SPY hit a new 52-week high.

Now the big question is…

Can these indexes continue to move higher?

Well… there’s some major earnings players reporting Friday that could answer that question.

Two days from now, major banks Wells Fargo (WFC), Citigroup (C), and JPMorgan (JPM) are all reporting earnings.

In addition to big bank earnings, you also have three major companies Pepsi (PEP) and Delta Airlines (DAL), reporting earnings tomorrow.

These reports will all factor in to determine whether or not Tuesday’s upside move can keep going.

Better yet… these companies are also tradeable, and there will be ample opportunities for one of my favorite trading strategies.

How my overnight trading works for trading earnings

The problem with trading earnings is it’s risky.

The truth is… nobody knows if a company has strong earnings until AFTER they report, and even if they do report strong earnings – the stock doesn’t always go up due to a variety of other factors.

That’s why I love using what I call “overnight trades” because they give me the opportunity to profit if a stock goes up OR down after earnings.

To give you a quick rundown, overnight trades take a known earnings event – and use those earnings announcements (which typically trigger a big move in either direction) to help you profit.

The secret is…

We’re not guessing on a direction.

Up or down, it doesn’t matter.

Rather, we’re paying MOVEMENT.

As long as the stock makes a big move, you can hit an overnight winner.

I admit, it’s hard to understand how it works – until you see the methodology unfold live – right before your eyes.

That’s why I recently demonstrated how an overnight trade works LIVE with my colleague Ryan Fitzwater. You can access that recording and our other free reports in MTA Live by clicking here.

The key takeaway to remember with my Overnight Earnings Strategy is as follows…

To avoid the risk of a stock NOT making a big move… I enter into these strangle positions a day BEFORE a stock is set to make an earnings announcement.

After all…

Earnings announcements tend to ignite the biggest one-day moves on stocks – up or down. So, adding a strangle position just before a big earnings announcement ignites a big stock move represents one of the smartest, and highest-performing strategies.



This week kicks off another earnings season with several big banks reporting and I’ll be looking at new overnight trading opportunities in Catalyst Cash-Outs and The War Room. To give you an idea of how powerful overnight trading can be, a few weeks ago I closed a 98.24% overnight winner on Nike (NKE) using this strategy.

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