Corner the Global Thermal Scanners Market – With One Play

Flir Systems (Nasdaq: FLIR) is a commercial company specializing in the design, development, marketing and distribution of thermal imaging systems.

From Flir’s website

Maintaining a Front Line with Rapid Screening: FLIR thermal cameras are forming the first line of defense for public health organizations and industries faced with managing the risks associated with a global pandemic.

In short, Flir makes thermal cameras for military intelligence collection and targeting.

And right now, Flir has seen an “exponential” increase in sales to industrial customers who want to scan employees for fever – a known symptom of COVID-19.

CEO James Cannon put it this way…

Whether it’s a medical organization that wants to have this screening before you enter a clinic or a hospital, whether it’s other industries that are critical to manage the distribution of goods and such, they have to maintain a large workforce, they’re ordering thermal cameras like never before.

And he’s not wrong…

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that companies like Emirates are now thermal screening all passengers headed to the United States.

What’s more, Wynn Resorts (currently closed by the outbreak) just put in a large order for the thermal cameras.

Even grocery stores in Atlanta are scanning customers. If a shopper presents a temperature above 100.4, they’ll “discretely inform” them and find an alternative way for them to shop.

Of course, COVID-19 can spread before symptoms occur – but we all know that a fever is associated with the illness. So please understand that while Flir cameras do not directly scan for the virus, they do accurately read temperatures within 0.01 degrees Celsius.

But here’s what really struck me…

Cannon said that the current influx of orders is coming from European governments.

So we could have a situation where U.S. orders are not even accounted for yet, which – to me – seems like an opportunity. A big one.

Just look at the key market players operating in the thermal scanners market…

  • Flir Systems
  • Fluke Corp. (private)
  • Leonardo (based in Italy)
  • L3Harris Technologies (more focused on aerospace and defense technology).

So what does this tell you?

Action Plan: Right now, Flir represents the one and only “pure play” in the entire thermal camera sector, which I discussed with War Room members this morning.

I’d recommend getting positioned in the shares ASAP.

For more insight on this company and other “pure plays,” join me in The War Room today!

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