How I’m Trading This Week of Earnings

After some chop to start 2024, we finally hit fresh all-time highs on the indexes earlier this week.

In today’s video, I go over several Big Tech names that are reporting earnings in the next couple of weeks, including some that I’m looking to avoid.

Plus, I’ll break down a new trade setup on a recent earnings winner and explain why I believe this ticker could go even higher.

Click the image below to get the trade.

A Trade Setup on an Earnings Winner



Ulta Beauty (Nasdaq: ULTA) is a recent earnings winner that has been consolidating for the better part of two months. It has a fresh daily squeeze, which signals to me that ULTA is finally ready to continue its post-earnings move higher. To see exactly where I’m looking to get in, click the image above.

A Trade Setup on an Earnings Winner(Click to enlarge)

Earnings season is a popular time to get in on options trades. But the truth is… earnings day is just the START of the potential profits you could make on a given ticker. That’s why I created my latest service, Profit Surge Trader, to take advantage of what I call the “Earnings Profit Surge.” And the best part is you only have to trade ONE TICKER over and over to potentially bank big gains with this strategy. I recently used this method to close a 51.61% winner on PDD Holdings (PDD) in two trading days.

Click here to unlock my next “ONE TICKER” pick.

P.S. I love answering your questions. It’s the best and most rewarding part of my gig. If you have a ticker or chart you want me to break down – or just a general trading question – please email me at I’ll let you know my thoughts on a few submissions in a future video.



“In SMCI at $1.98 out at $37.80 [in one trading day]. I have not had a 19 bagger in quite some time. Thanks Nate Bear for the idea!! Thanks DPL. 15 contracts. Wowsza Zinga.”
– Snoopy

“I closed the 1 Shares/Contracts I opened at $2.51 for $3.00. Out for 20% profit, Wish I would have the courage to buy several contracts instead of just one. Thanks, BB.”
– PamelaH

“In [TEVA] at $0.82 out at $1.31 for 58% return [in 433 trading days]. Thanks Karim.”
– SM