Looking Back on my Big 2023 Prediction

Back in late 2023, I predicted that a new asset class would absolutely surge in 2024.

That asset class is known “zero-days-to-expiration options trades.”

By definition, a zero-days-to-expiration option is one that expires in less than one day.

Because of this short expiration window, the amount of time premium you pay for a 0DTE option is minuscule.

This means that if you time a market move correctly, you can watch a small entry price absolutely explode into a monster overnight profit.

Yes, the trading window is small.

And yes, the entry and exit must be executed quickly.

But thanks to these assets’ enormous potential, their trading volume and popularity are exploding.

For example…

The number of open 0DTE option positions increased by approximately 60% between January 2022 and January 2023.

That increase was even larger (approximately 75%) among retail traders.

As you can see in the chart below, 0DTE options trading volume is still surging in 2024.

0-day S&P options volume now accounts for nearly half of all S&P options volume

Today, nearly 50% of S&P options volume is on 0DTE contracts.

Karim and I had been following this ODTE trend for a while, which is why we launched Catalyst Cash-Outs earlier this year.

Catalyst Cash-Outs is our way of finding trade opportunities with the biggest potential overnight returns.

And to make the profit opportunities even more enticing, I’ve been using zero-day options (0DTEs) with these trades.



ODTE’s trades aren’t going anywhere in 2024. And if you want to see exactly how I execute these fast-moving trades in real-time, I recommend joining Karim and I live every week in Catalyst Cash-Outs. Here we’ll walk you through exactly how to enter and exit a ODTE trade, and you’ll be able to see for yourself why they’re so powerful.

In fact we recently closed a 23% overnight winner on the SPY using this strategy last week.

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