My #1 Heat Wave Trade

If that bead of sweat dripping down your back isn’t enough of an indication…

Then I’ll make it official – and tell you: Right now, we’re facing a heat wave that’s sweeping the globe.

Over this past week, more than 1,400 temperature records broke around the world, and many of them were shattered by extreme heat.

Just in the United States, over 100 million people were under a heat advisory.

In India, at least 100 people have died due to heat.

The world heat map (below) clearly shows you this trend:

World Heat Map Shows Temperatures Soaring Across The Planet

World Heat Map Shows Temperatures Soaring Across The Planet

The heatwaves are clear indications that human-induced climate change continues to amplify extreme weather.

The worst part…

Many people don’t realize how quickly extreme heat can become deadly.

The reality is that extreme heat kills more people in the US each year than hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes combined.

The most vulnerable individuals are those least likely to have air conditioning – and that’s where AC leader Carrier (CARR) comes into play.

And apparently, Citi agrees. This morning, Citi upgraded the heating and ventilation stock to buy from neutral – saying that the company can become an alternative pure play HVAC provider with a multiple that’s improving after its business transformation wraps up.

Buyable Events Coming on CARR



As we head into July and August, I believe that all price dips on CARR are buyable events. Already this morning, inside The War Room, we hit an 18% winner trading July calls on CARR in less than 1 hour.

To join us, and start hitting these winners yourself – you’re invited to enter the War Room!



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  • Ferrari Unveils EV: After seeing Ferrari’s new EV factory unveiled on Friday, shares of luxury automaker ticked up by 1.6% after UBS raised its price target.
  • Target announces new partner: Target has struck a new deal with Shopify to discover new brands and hot items for its third-party marketplace – which should help Target drive online traffic. For SHOP, it’s a great arrangement – as third-party marketplaces get a cut of sellers’ profits – and – they can sell ads or fulfillment services.
  • Dell on our radar: Computer firm Dell (DELL) looks poised to benefit from the coming AI PC wave, which makes them a name to keep watch on for trading this week.
  • Barron’s steals our theory? Barron’s must follow us here inside The War Room, because they just echoed my exact thesis for Nike (NKE). In last week’s paper, they noted that the athletic gear and shoemaker is a premium brand that’s now trading at a 25% discount to their historical average. Down -12% year to date, the Summer Olympics could be a trigger to spark and upside move. With earnings this week, it’s certainly a trade on our radar.