10 Trades, 10 Winners in 2023: Our Big, New Secret Revealed

Inside The War Room, we’ve started the 2023 trading year ON FIRE!

In the first week of 2023, my partner Karim and I issued 10 trades…

And all 10 of them were winners.

That’s right…

The War Room has started off the 2023 trading year going 10 for 10.

And today, I’d like to share with you the big secret to this success.

I’ll illustrate the secret using a company called Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR).

As you probably know, IIPR is the leading producer of real estate capital for the regulated cannabis industry. It partners with experienced, regulated cannabis operators to grow and supply the demand for this booming medical product.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, there are currently 38 states that have legalized cannabis for medical use. Total legal cannabis sales grew to an estimated $29.3 billion in 2022 and are expected to grow to over $81.6 billion by 2030.

So clearly, IIPR finds itself in a strong growth sector.

But guess what…

What IIPR does isn’t really that important.

You see, when it comes to the trading secret – which has contributed to our red-hot start to 2023 – shares of IIPR have been responding extremely well to what I call “W” and “M” patterns.

If you can master these two simple patterns, you could accelerate your portfolio significantly.

Let me show you exactly what I mean…

On Tuesday, December 20, at 9:52 a.m., my proprietary ProfitSight software alerted me that a “W” pattern had formed on IIPR.

It looked exactly like this…

W Pattern

In short, a “W” pattern is a bullish setup.

You can see the beginning of a “W” outlined in white on the IIPR chart above.

According to my software settings, the moment IIPR moved above the green line at $104, that was confirmation that the “W” pattern had triggered.

When this trigger happens, you know – with a very high degree of confidence – that IIPR is now ready to move higher.

And as you can see, that’s precisely what happened.

Less than an hour later, IIPR was pushing our predetermined upside target at $106.50 – which is noted by the red line on the chart.

Simply following this “W” pattern could’ve resulted in one of the quickest – and easiest – winning trades you’ll ever see.

That’s a quick winning trade, which is cool…

But that’s only half of the story…

You see, on Tuesday, January 3, at 10:25 a.m., my proprietary ProfitSight software alerted me that an “M” pattern had formed on IIPR.

In short, an “M” pattern is the exact opposite of a “W” pattern.

Instead of showing a bullish setup, the “M” trigger told me with a very high degree of confidence that IIPR was ready to move lower.

Once again, you can see the beginning of the pattern – this time an “M” instead of a “W” – outlined in white on the IIPR chart below:

M Pattern

In this case, my ProfitSight software was predicting that IIPR would move from $103 down to the red line at $101 (as noted on the chart).

And once again, as you can see, that’s precisely what happened.

In fact, not only did IIPR move down to $101… but within the next hour, it extended all the way down to $98.00.

Spot. On. The. Money.

So once again…

Simply following this “M” pattern could’ve resulted in one of the quickest – and easiest – winning trades you’ll ever see.

Think this was just a fluke?

Or maybe a stroke of dumb luck?

Well, check out the trigger that ProfitSight spit out on Wednesday, January 4, at 1:44 p.m.

For the second day in a row, it triggered a beautiful “M” pattern on IIPR, predicting a move from $100.50 down to $98.75.

And once again, almost like clockwork, that’s precisely what IIPR did.

See for yourself…

M Pattern

Now, just think about the three charts you’ve just seen.

And imagine if you could trade these signals… the instant that they trigger.

You’d clean house.

You could trade IIPR up and down and consistently make money.

And guess what…

Our current members are using these signals to make winning trades of their own.

Like Jim… he entered nine trades, and all nine of them were winners – highlighted by a 112% winner on Boeing (BA).

Check out his note below…

Comment by War Room Member Jim

Or how about Steve?

He logged 32 winners versus only five losses… which grew his account by 50%.

Comment by War Room Member Steve

Can you imagine increasing your account by 50% in this market?!

That’s exactly what Steve just did!

And please… make sure that you look at the dates of those member notes…

Jim’s note was dated January 4, 2023…

Steve’s note was dated January 6, 2023…

This proves to you that these “W” and “M” patterns are working… in this market… RIGHT NOW.

And that’s why I’m writing you this letter today.

You see, because these triggers are so red-hot…

I’ll be offering a FREE live training on Wednesday, January 11, at 2 p.m. ET.

I want to show you exactly how these “W” and “M” patterns work.

But in order to properly use the intricacies of these patterns – and maximize their true profit potential – you need to see exactly how they’re set up. And that’s not something I can show you here in an email.

That’s why you’re invited to join my FREE Accelerated Profits Summit.

I’ll walk you – step by step – through the entire process.

And in no time, you’ll see how to spot these winning setups for yourself.

But… you have to attend the live event.

So just click on the image below and enter your email address, and you’re in!

Accelerated Profits Summit Banner



When you log in to my LIVE summit, I’ll show you how my ProfitSight software tool uses “W” and “M” patterns to target potential same-day gains as high as 288%… 400%… even 553%. In fact, as you’ll see, one user just turned $12,500 into almost $38,000… in less than two weeks. Thousands of people have already reserved their spots… and today I’m inviting you to join us.

For every Trade of the Day member, here’s the bottom line…

If you want to rapidly make back any losses from 2022, then my Accelerated Profits Summit is a must-attend (best of all, it’s FREE!).

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