2 Trades off the Bullish Reversal

Last week we saw a very powerful 5% reversal.

It was the best week the markets have had all year.

And in today’s video, I explain why I might be switching into “buy the dip” mode soon.

You’ll see exactly how a “head and shoulders” pattern could prove fruitful for traders.

Click the image below to get all the details.

Two "Head and Shoulders" Trades Off the Reversal



After a major 5% rally last week, the SPY is shifting… which means the Santa Claus rally could be back on. But before I load up on bullish trades into the end of the year, I’d like to buy the SPY November 17 $435 puts while the SPY is trading in the $435-$436 area, and I’ll be looking for a pullback and the formation of a “right shoulder.”

From there, we could see a rally upward, as represented by the blue line in the chart below.

SPY Chart(Click to enlarge)

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“Got my target in our MSFT trade from yesterday. $354.40 was the target but with the Nov 10 $347.50 calls, I priced $8.00 In at $4.50 out at $8.00 a cool 77.77% gain [in one trading day]. Thanks Nate Bear.”
– HeyJT

“STO [FLR] Jan19 ’24 $30 P at $0.97, BTC at $0.62 for a 36% gain [in 45 trading days]. Thanks, Karim.”
– GreggD

“BTO 1 EL Nov17 $125 P at $5.40, STC at $18.00 for a gain of 233% or $1,259 [in one trading day]. Thanks, BB, I needed that.”
– Tdon1229