When Markets Move Lower, This Asset Goes Up

This might be the most critical information you could get in these volatile times…

If you’re losing money in this market… I guarantee these three symbols will go UP anytime the markets are moving DOWN.

The three ticker symbols you must trade in a bear market are as follows…

Chart: My favorite invesrse ETFs to trade
All three are leveraged ProShares UltraShort plays.

QID is linked to the Nasdaq.

DXD is linked to the Dow.

SDS is linked to the S&P 500.

Here’s how they work…

These inverse assets were created in 2006 – and they’re designed to help investors protect their portfolios from declines.

The ProShares website says these ETFs “enhance returns and manage risk.”

They’re 2X leveraged assets – which means that they move at twice the rate of the INVERSES of their respective benchmark indexes.

In other words…

If the Dow is down 3% on the day, DXD moves UP 6% on the day (twice the inverse – see how that works?).

Same deal with QID and SDS…

If the S&P is down 2% on the day, SDS moves UP 4%.

If the Nasdaq is down 5% on the day, QID moves UP 10%.

Check out this chart – which compares the Nasdaq (in black) with QID (in blue) – and you’ll see the correlation. It’s clear as day…

Chart: Nasdaq 100 vs ProShares UltraShort QQQ

See how the blue line moves UP when the black line moves DOWN?

And see how the gain-to-loss ratio is 2-to-1?

This is why these three leveraged assets are so important for you to understand.

But here’s the thing…

Of the $5.9 trillion universe of U.S. listed assets, these protective leveraged assets account for only around 1% of the total volume.

This tells me that hardly anyone is trading these.

That’s why most people lose money when the markets go down.

And this next part is key…

Amplify Your Downside Protection

These assets reset daily, so you don’t want to buy and hold them. They’re intended to be bought on big market sell-off days – to protect against violent downside moves.

Think about it like this…

The market is a circus – and you’re the trapeze artist. So you’re out there doing flips… and if you don’t know how to trade QID, DXD or SDS, you DO NOT have a safety net.

If you perform flawlessly, then great… no problem.

BUT if you fall, that concrete below is very, very hard.

It takes only one slip-up for you to go SPLAT… and that’s why it’s important to have QID, DXD and SDS as your safety nets.

They reduce your losses. They protect you against a crash. And they allow you to sleep well at night – knowing that you have a way to reduce your market risk.

Better yet… if you play call options on these assets, your leverage increases even more.

Let me show you what I mean.

Here’s my track record trading DXD in The War Room since we launched in May 2019…

  • 82% win rate on 22 trades
  • Weighted average return: 11.33%
  • Average days held: 8.3
  • Annualized returns: 498%!


Spoiler alert… War Room members love these trades.


So you get the point. QID, DXD and SDS can be lifesavers in a down market.

But how do you trade them? How do you know when to get IN and OUT?

Well, that’s where The War Room comes in.

This is my real-time trading platform, which tells you exactly when to get in… and exactly when to get out.

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