The Five Best Stocks to Trade – Right Now

Today’s newest Trade Talk Tuesdays answers one of the biggest questions for trading in today’s market…

What are the five best stocks to trade right now?

To answer that, I looked back at my War Room track record.

What I found was very surprising…

And also very, very profitable.

You see, there are five stocks that I’ve traded for fast, consistent profits… over and over again.

What are the five?

They’re all revealed in my newest video…

So let’s get after it! Click the link below…

For more information on picks like these, join me in The War Room!

P.S. Take Profits Alert! Our position on Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD) is now up 31%. Let’s safely take profits on HALF of that position now and then hold the remainder for more upside.

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