Amazon Delivers Prime Earnings

Good morning Wake-Up Watchlisters! While you’re taking in those first few sips of cold brew on this fine Friday you’ll see that the premarket movement indicates a nice rally for the end of the week. While GDP fell for the second straight quarter and we’ve seen some disappointing earnings from big tech names like Meta Platforms, and Google, the markets are green across the board.

It just goes to show you that there is a ton of confusion out there in the markets, and it can often be distracting even to the savviest of investors. Our members have been learning how to shut out the noise and follow what the smartest guys in the room are doing. We’ve been tracking the company insiders and making huge gains, regardless of the market. Check out how we’re pulling it off. Inc (NYSE: AMZN)

Amazon (AMZN) is up 12.24% premarket after the ecommerce giant released its Q2 earnings report after the closing bell yesterday. Analysts are very bullish on the company after it beat expectations on revenue and reported better than expected guidance for next quarter. Apple Inc. also beat analysts’ expectations and the tech sector in general is feeling some relief with Microsoft and Google both seeing positive movement in the premarket as well.

Five9 Inc. (Nasdaq: FIVN)

Five9 Inc. is up 11.81% premarket. The company, a competitor to Amazon Web Services whose parent company I just mentioned above, reported second-quarter revenue beating expectations by nearly $10 million and really smashed their earnings with $0.34 compared to the consensus estimate of $0.18. This makes 4 quarters in a row that the webhosting company has surprised on earnings. Year to date share prices are down around 30%, so this post-earnings boost is music to shareholder ears.

Roku Inc. (NYSE: ROKU)

Roku Inc. is down 22.68% premarket after a disappointing second quarter earnings release. Revenue missed by nearly 40 million with guidance on 3rd quarter revenue looking even rougher. The EPS looked abysmal as well with a loss of $0.82 per share vs the estimate of $0.72. On top of the pullback we’ve seen in the tech sector, the media streaming company has been facing monetization and scale issues.

DexCom Inc. (Nasdaq: DXCM)

Dexcom Inc. is down 13.06% premarket. As you can probably guess, the company also posted its second quarter earnings reports yesterday after the close. While results were actually right in line with analysts’ estimates and not nearly as bad as the previous quarter (a -38%+ miss), investors are still not pleased with the stock. Dexcom, which produces glucose monitoring, systems is down over 35% year-to-date.

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There you have it, our top premarket movers for today.

Happy Trading!

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