A Bullish Pattern on This EV Stock

After a big rally in November, the indexes are overbought.

Will we see a pullback soon? Maybe. Maybe not.

But until we do, there’s no reason to short the market.

However, there’s a chart with a nice bull pattern that I’m looking to get positioned in today.

Click the image below to get the trade.

A Strong Bull Pattern on this EV stock



As you’ll see in the chart below, Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) has a bull pennant on the 130-minute chart, and I’m looking for the stock to move higher and break out of this pattern. Right now, I’m looking to buy the December 8 $240 calls when TSLA is trading at around $232 to $235. My price target will be around $240, and I’ll stop on a daily close under $230.

Tesla (TSLA) Chart(Click to enlarge)

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