A Golden Buying Opportunity Zone

Over the weekend, geo-political tensions reached a new level after Iran launched 300 drones and missiles on Israel yesterday, 99% of which were intercepted.

You add in inflation coming in hot, OPEC withholding oil from global markets, and the latest congressional report pointing to worsening debt, and now you have a recipe for traders seeking safe havens.

That’s why I’m focusing on gold for this week’s Catalyst Cash-Outs pick.

As you’ll see from the chart below, you’ll notice gold is in a confirmed bull market.

Gold is in a Bull Market

I’ve been watching gold for a while, and in light of recent events I have an excellent pick in the metals sector.

I’m not talking about investing in gold itself or mining companies. Instead, I have a unique way to play it.

It’s a major player with leverage to the price of gold and oil. It’s also trading well below all-time highs while gold is trading at all-time highs.



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