All Eyes on the SPX

There’s a confluence of things coming together on Wall Street right now.

And I’ll be watching to see whether the SPX hits a certain level.

If it does, I’m going to strongly consider switching up my trading strategy.

I go over all of it in the video below.

Click the image to learn more.

If SPX Hits This Level, I'm Eyeing These Trades



Tractor Supply (Nasdaq: TSCO) has a great cup and handle pattern on the weekly chart. I’m looking to play the 195-minute chart for higher prices into earnings on April 20.

Tractor SupplyClick to enlarge.

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“SCHW STC Mar17 50C $10.84, in yesterday $3.30 for 228% [in less than one trading day]… thank you two times over BB!”
– Steve5

“In [GLD] at $3.70 out at $5.4 = 46% gain [in one trading day]. Thanks Bryan.”
– Gobo64MI

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