A Tech Giant with a Strong Setup

We’re still in a bull market – and right now I’m looking for strong stocks that keep getting stronger.

One of those companies I like this week is one of the biggest in the world.

Its chart has all the greenlights for my TPS system.

Click the image below to get the full trade.

A Strong Chart Setup on a Major Tech Group



Microsoft (MSFT) has an A+ trade setup. Here’s my plan. I’m looking for entry near $404 with a stop on close below the 55 ema. Targets are $427 and $435.

A Strong Chart Setup on a Major Tech Group(Click to enlarge)

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“Sold 1/2 of RILY @ .35 up 75% (in 1 trading day) Thanks Nate!!”
– Richard44

“In (ORCL) @ 9.47 out at 14.00 – 48% (overnight) winner – Thanks Brian.”
– a7474guy

“I closed the 2 Shares/Contracts [of LYFT] I opened at $0.64. Closed at $0.32, profit of 50% (in 16 trading days). Thanks Karim.”
– PamelaH