Add ULTA to Your Holiday Shopping List

According to CNBC, this year’s holiday wish list will be heavily impacted by the members of Gen Alpha and their desire for skin care.

Now, this may seem counterintuitive…

After all, why would the youngest generation – the people who still have vibrant, glowing skin – have such a tremendous need for skin care products?

Well, the explanation is actually quite simple…

But first, let’s define exactly who we’re talking about.

“Generation Alpha” is the generation of people born from 2010 to 2025.

More than 2.5 million members of Gen Alpha are born globally every week.

By the end of 2025, there will be almost 2 billion of them… which will make them the largest generation in the history of the world.

Within the next few years, they’ll even outnumber baby boomers.

And remarkably, many of them will live to see the 22nd century.

So here’s the opportunity…

While Gen Alpha is the youngest generation, its members possess brand influence and purchasing power beyond their years.

In other words…

Gen Alpha will be the most technologically savvy generation in history.

And the social media landscape will define their lives.

As a result, sites like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat have tremendous influence on their purchasing decisions.

And right now, social media sites where kids get exposure to toners, serums and moisturizers (with the help of “skinfluencers“) will drive sales this holiday season.

For example, in a world where image is everything…

Having the right lighting, the right camera angle and, of course, clear skin is a must for every picture or video that members of Gen Alpha post.

Their social media presence is their livelihood, so they’ll do whatever it takes to make themselves look their very best.

And that’s where Ulta Beauty (ULTA) comes in…

Ulta a "Buy" Thanks to Gen Alpha



Ulta Beauty (Nasdaq: ULTA) operates specialty retail stores that sell cosmetic, fragrance, and hair care and skin care products in the United States. From makeup to shampoo to bath bombs and more, Ulta’s products are poised to receive a major sales boost headed into the holidays. The most popular items on social media could be the ideal stocking stuffers… and the fastest way to get them is by going to Ulta. This play is showing all the signs of a strong upside run headed into December.

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