Meme-stock Madness Continues…

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Good Morning Wake-Up Watchlisters! While you’re sipping coffee you’ll see stock futures were flat on Tuesday. Investors are anticipating the latest CPI report to get a better feel for the market’s direction. Meme-stock mania also continued with Gamestop (GME) and AMC surging in earnings (more on that below).

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Here’s a look at the top-moving stocks this morning.

AMC Entertainment (Nasdaq: AMC)

AMC Entertainment is up 55.60% in premarket trading. AMC is another popular meme stock, and Gill’s latest posts also led to a spike. Another factor that could be contributing to the surge is shares could be short interest. Short selling is when a trader borrows a stock and then sells it, hoping to buy it back later at a lower price.

Sea Limited (NYSE: SE)

Sea Limited is up 7.04% in premarket trading after delivering strong first quarter results. The Southeast Asian technology firm saw a 23% rise in revenue. Plus, the net loss of $23.7 million was narrower than analysts predicted. Sea’s boost was driven by strong performance of e-commerce unit Shopee, as sales from e-commerce grew 33% to $2.7 billion in the March quarter.

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GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME)

Gamestop is up 59.48% in premarket trading after closing at 74% in after hours trading on Monday. The stock was up 29% yesterday morning after investor Keith Gill made his first post on his X account since 2021. Gill continued with follow up posts on Monday, which hyped up Gamestop investors.

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