Another Buyable COST Dip

Over the past year, every single dip on Costco Wholesale (COST) has been buyable.

I’ll prove it to you. Let’s walk through all four dips we’ve seen in 2023…

  • In January, a dip to $450 triggered a pop over $510.
  • Then, in March, a dip to $470 triggered another pop to around $510.
  • In June, a dip to $480 sparked a rally up to $560.
  • Finally, in September, a dip to $530 triggered a bounce up to $570.

You can clearly see every dip – followed by the subsequent bounce – in the chart below.

Another Dip-Buy Opportunity in COST

And this brings us to the current COST chart.

As you can see, just recently, the stock dipped again, falling from $570 down to $550 due to the September/October market weakness.

This latest drop begs the question…

“Is this current dip buyable?”

From a tactical trading position, I have no reason to say no – and every reason to say yes.

In fact, that’s precisely what I’m telling War Room members right now.



At $550 per share, Costco Wholesale (Nasdaq: COST) is an expensive stock… which is why I’ve implemented a special strategy inside The War Room. This tactic will get you positioned for a COST bounce, but it will also lower your total cost basis on the trade. So you can see the exact trade that I’m recommending right now, I invite you to join our trading community and enter The War Room. Go HERE to gain access.



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