Are You Ready for Earnings Season Profits?

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– Ryan Fitzwater, Publisher

It’s earnings season again, and it’s going to be a doozy.

You’ve already seen some huge moves so far in 2024. Super Micro Computer (SMCI) moved by over $100 per share in just two days after earnings, Netflix (NFLX) moved over $60 and Tesla (TSLA) fell by over $19.

Imagine owning a cheap option on SMCI the day before its earnings release!

Well… some of our members didn’t have to imagine…

Last week, our Lead Technical Tactician Nate Bear got positioned in SMCI… and the results were staggering.

He closed a 427.27% winner on SMCI in two trading days!

Here are a few real-time testimonials from Daily Profits Live members…

“Thank you Nate for my first big win with SMCI. Entered at $1.20 and sold at $24.0 [1,900% gain in two trading days].” – ThinhP

“SMCI 26 Jan 24 $350 call. I had 1 at $2.00 and STC at $24.10 for 1105% You are rocking it Nate!!” – Chris F.

That’s potentially thousands of dollars being made with just one trade.

And next week, it’s going to be like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Over 400 companies are due to report earnings, and our Head Trade Tactician Bryan Bottarelli will be leading the way day after day.

However, while Bryan will be focusing on day-to-day earnings, I’ll be joining the “after-party.”

Let me explain what I mean by that…

Because of investor overreaction or underreaction, a bevy of longer-term opportunities open up after earnings.

Now, that’s not to say short-term moves don’t have the potential to be effective for generating gains. They certainly do.

However, the reason I prefer to focus on long-term plays is that short-term speculators can decimate a company’s shares post-earnings, which can make trading unpredictable and volatile.

These speculators rely on premarket trading to set the tone, and they’re led by “market maker” tricks.

Market makers are analysts who might hear one negative thing on a conference call, get bothered by it, and then “whisper” less-than-ideal numbers to urge traders to bail out of the company.

Now, overnight traders who know what they’re doing – like Bryan – can use this to their advantage instead of being manipulated.

And these sell-offs are great for longer-term investors like me, too. If I see shares sell off excessively after a specific event like an earnings report, I swoop in to carve out a trade based on the long-term trend.

Let me give you an example of how our approaches can work in tandem…

Last week, Bryan played Charles Schwab (SCHW) for a 26.35% overnight gain.

Here’s how some of our War Room members did on that trade…

“In at $2.23, out at $2.62. Just under 17.5% [overnight] ringer! Thanks, BB!!” – TeeUp18

“In at $2.39 out at $2.92. 22% [overnight gain] thanks @BB.” – Jayardi

“I closed the 1 Shares/Contracts I opened at $2.20 for $2.64. 20% [overnight] and I could have got some more. Thanks, BB!” – Cire S.

All those gains resulted from Schwab’s big sell-off.

But despite the drop in the stock, there was a ton of good news in the initial earnings report.

The company announced it was managing more money and that its cash-sorting issues were declining. It also noted that the rise in interest rates throughout 2023 hurt its balance sheet, which bodes well as Schwab enters a year in which multiple rate cuts are expected.

So I knew the downward move for the stock was only temporary.

After the dust settled over the next few days, I jumped in with a longer-term play… and we are already up almost 20%!

This is the power of pairing short-term plays with long-term plays. Bryan and I do it all the time in The War Room – it’s a win-win!



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