Did You Make Money During Earnings Week?

Did you make money this week?

If you were part of our special three-day War Room Fast Pass event, you did!

This week we offered readers a free peek into the War Room. No credit card, no funky hidden charges. Just a free two-day experience of our realtime trading platform.

Over the three-day period from Tuesday through Thursday, the War Room delivered four winners (on 7 trades) for fast pass members and 10 winners on positions that were opened before this week.

The biggest closed position was for a spread trade I issued on Bank of America. I got in on this trade last year, and this week closed for a 105.13% gain in 287 trading days.

Our Head Trading Tactician Bryan Bottarelli also racked up a bunch of quick hit winners, including a 21.43% overnight gain on CVNA and an 11.82% gain on RTX in under two hours.

But the War Room isn’t just about trading.

We also provide a volume of information and analysis in real time for our members. It’s why the War Room is the best source of real time trades and live market analysis bar none!

Plus, our Fast Pass participants got to receive real time answers to their trading questions from our moderation team within minutes. Try getting that with your broker!

If you joined The War Room after this three-day event, I’d like to personally welcome you to the trading community.

And if you didn’t sign up, don’t worry. You still have one last chance to get in at a special Fast Pass rate.

Click on this link and join us for years of profits ahead!

Here’s what some of our members said during this week’s Fast Pass event…

“CLX 2/9 148c In 3.80 out 10.00 (163% gain). Thx for the tip BB my best overnight of the year.” – Hippdek

“So for the record…Since joining the War Room, I’ve made 908 trades with 784 winners and a green side win percentage of 78.4%.” – Doc Sinchak

“I closed the 10 Shares/Contracts I opened (on BAC) at $1.21 for $2.45.(102% gain in 287 trading days). Thx KR.” – Donald M4

“As a long time member of the War Room I’ve 10X my lifetime membership. Thanks BB & KR also WR members!” – WM Alliance



Remember, if you missed our three-day Fast Pass event this week, don’t worry. There’s still time to join The War Room at a special discounted price today. But you have to sign up before it expires.

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