Don’t Buy Into Recession Fears Until You’ve Seen This

Everybody wants to know…

Are we in a recession?

Will interest rates ever go back down?

When will inflation finally subside?

I answer all of these questions in today’s episode of Trade Talk Tuesdays.

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Action Plan: In volatile markets, finding value stocks that will withstand downtrends is key. And there’s a well-known company out there that’s currently trading for less than $2. I’m calling this company The Last Great Value Stock because it’s been beaten down so hard that it’s now poised to do well in any market. Plus, its trajectory going forward is looking very strong.

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Testimonial Tuesday

“It’s really comforting to be back in The War Room, especially knowing there are thousands of other members who want the next member to be successful, and who share their strategies, trades and learning. With 4 profitable trades today, it makes being in this party a lot more fun. I’m buying this round of drinks from each of your fridges, coolers and Yetis… Drink up and celebrate your success and membership. If you don’t drink, save me the scotch…”

“Nice play, Bryan. In at $3.65 and out at $4.10. A nice, quick 13% gain. Thanks again.”
Rick R.