Dow About to Drop 80%?! Hold On a Second

Are they really calling for the Dow to drop 80% this week!?

Hang on… let’s pump the brakes real quick.

Sure, there are reasons a recession could happen.

But if you look closer… you’ll see a slightly different picture. Heck, you might even see some real investing opportunity.

That’s what Bryan and I are talking about in our latest Trade Talk Tuesdays “Zoom Room” episode.

You can’t afford to miss this one.

Click the link below.

Action Plan: During these markets, we’re dipping our toes in value stocks. These are the companies that will withstand the violent market swings and come out better than before. In fact, right now, this $2 value stock is a great buy, and there’s an upcoming announcement on August 4 that could send it soaring.

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