How One Trade Can Change Everything…

Hey gang,

Traders who rode the market higher on shaky setups ran out of luck this week…

…And it cost them dearly.

They were so impatient for the next trade, they took any decent setup instead of waiting for A+ setups.

Great setups don’t happen all the time.

But you don’t need many to become a profitable trader.

The key is to find them in real-time.

That’s easy enough if you have an AI-powered scanner like my Stock Acceleration Monitor that can scour hundreds of tickers and timeframes in the blink of an eye.

But not everyone is ready for something that powerful or can use it to its full potential.

That’s why I want to take a deep dive into what I call my One-Ticker Payout.

This methodology powers my Stock Acceleration Monitor and it’s how I pinpoint A+ setups BEFORE they happen.

It’s great for new traders, folks limited by pattern day trading restrictions, or anyone who just can’t seem to find consistent profitability.

Best of all, you can incorporate it into your trading immediately.

Wagyu Beef Traders vs. Sirloin Traders

Foodies around the world love Wagyu beef for its flavor and delicacy.

But to someone who’s starving, a store-brand sirloin from Walmart is just as good.

Profitable traders are like foodies. Confident in their skills, they can sit back and wait for the best selection to cross their paths.

Newer traders, hungry to make even a few dollars, often snap up any trade they see, afraid they’ll miss the big one.

Not all trades are created equal.

Even in my trend, pattern, and squeeze methodology, there are good and great setups.

Let me show you what I mean.

This is a snapshot of my Stock Acceleration Monitor AI-powered scanner.

I want to zoom in on the top selection.

This stock fits the criteria for an A+ setup, my highest rating, on not just one but four different timeframes.

Other stocks on the list have a couple. Some have none.

If I’m going to look for a stock with the highest odds of success, it’s going to be the one that meets my setup criteria on multiple timeframes.

Even though a stock may have multiple A+ setups, there’s still more I want to consider.

For starters, I want to look at the chart to make sure it’s not one of those stocks that technically fits the criteria, but is a lousy choice.

As an example, the chart below meets many of the technical criteria for an A+ setup. But a quick look tells me this has no real trend behind it.

Beyond making sure the chart itself is solid, I also want to think about the context.

The recent craze in AI stocks is a perfect example.

Nvidia showed up time and again on my Stock Acceleration Monitor AI-powered scanner with A+ setups across multiple timeframes.

A lot of folks think it’s nutty to try and buy a stock that’s up so much.

Yet, my entire strategy works best when all the technical criteria are met and there’s a story behind the move.

And that is where the power of one comes into play.

The Power of One

Great setups don’t happen often.

However, they are far more likely to happen on a high-quality stock like Nvidia over and over until the larger trend finally collapses.

Take a look at this 78-minute chart of Nvidia that covers the Q1.