Insiders keep scooping up shares of this stock

Everywhere you turn, opinions on the market flood in…

From the armies of analysts dissecting a company’s every move to the relentless chatter from talking heads.

With so much noise saturating the market, it’s hardly a shock that the majority of funds struggle to outperform it.

But what if there was a way to silence the noise, and focus only on setups on high probability setups with an “insider’s edge.”

That’s exactly what we’re doing in the War Room

Allow me to explain.

I believe those who lead and operate within a company often see what others don’t.

That’s why I want to place my bets alongside theirs.

Take for example, (CRM)…

The stock has gotten beaten down after announcing earnings on May 29th…

Now, it’s never wise to try and catch a falling knife…

But insiders are buying..

Just last night it was announced that a company director bought nearly $100 million dollars worth of stock.

And you know what?

Despite the choppy market today, CRM is up over 3% today.

We actually bought call options this morning in the War Room and flipped out of them for a profit in less than an hour.

And while that’s impressive…

There’s something I like even more right now.


Because the CEO keeps scooping up shares.

The company I’m referring to is SoFi (SOFI).

Here’s what I’m seeing:

SOFI is an online financial company that deals with higher FICO score customers.

They provide a range of financial services from consumer banking to student loans. SOFI was founded and is being run by a former Goldman Sachs partner.

The company has repeatedly beat estimates and has seen significant insider buying, as recently as last week. We will own the shares well below the insiders, if we are put.

In fact, we closed out a put sale on SOFI on Tuesday for an 88.89% return of premium (in 123 days) in the War Room.

It was a “cheap” low risk put sell meant to show new members and those new to selling the actual dynamics of a put sell.

Since we got nearly max profit, it made sense to put on a new position in which we could get a greater premium.

And that’s exactly what we did yesterday in the War Room.

Sometimes we will buy calls, like we did with CRM this morning. And other times we will look to put on bullish positions by selling puts and collecting premiums.

Put selling is only for experienced investors. The purpose of selling is to own shares at a lower price or to get paid trying.

With the method I use, the probability of being put must be quite low…

The majority of the time I’m closing out the trade by buying it for less than what I sold it for.

If you can find a strong trending stock, you can rinse and repeat this strategy with a high probability of success.

The key is to follow the smart money.

And to position yourself alongside the insiders.

Does the CRM Director hate money?

He bought nearly $100 million worth of stock because he thinks his stock is cheap here.

Why is the SOFI CEO buying shares of his stock month over month?

Maybe he knows something that the analysts are missing.

Either way, he’s doing it because he thinks his stock is cheap right now.

The beauty of following insiders is it works both ways.

Insiders can also sell stock, sometimes indicating a loss of faith in the company.

Believe it or not, insiders from Nvidia have been selling shares lately.

I wouldn’t consider profit taking ahead of an incredible run to be bearish..and sometimes executives make planned sales ahead of time.

Nonetheless it’s still noteworthy.

There’s another insider buy announcement that just hit my desk.

One that has a potentially massive upside.

If you’d like to discover what it is and how our strategy in the War Room works…

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