Key Takeaways From our Winning JOLTS trade

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– Ryan Fitzwater, Publisher

Last week I closed a winning trade ahead of the JOLTS report in Catalyst Cash-Outs live.

I had some key takeaways I wanted to share with you.

First, let me set the table…

Last Tuesday, I issued an S&P strangle trade ahead of the JOLTs report. I issued the trade about an hour before the end of the trading session.

I bought the SPY calls and the SPY puts, as you’ll see below.

'Catalyst Cashouts JOLTS Trade 04/30

No sooner than 30 minutes after I got positioned on this trade, the markets had a big selloff.

Now, I was in a situation that I don’t particularly love – I had negative bias heading into the next day.

But despite my negative bias, I still had a plan.

You see… the great thing about these Catalyst Cash-Outs trades is I can maneuver them in my favor.

For example, when I own a call and a put, I can exit one part of the trade and let the other part ride.

And that’s exactly what I did.

The next day I sold the put side of the strangle to maximize its value since the markets were down.

'Catalyst Cashouts JOLTS Trade Adjustment 05/01

Then, I let the call side ride for the rest of the trading day.

Now, I was risking leaving money on the table since the markets could keep going down. However, I had already almost covered the entire cost of the trade, so it was almost like playing with house money on the call side.

Then some more magic happened.

Later that day, the Fed announced their jobs reading and the market liked it. The markets then soared and the free ride calls I was holding went up in value. So that little dance I did led to a 7.34% winner in 1 trading day.

While it wasn’t a huge gain, it shows how you can adjust the timing of a trade in your favor no matter which direction the market moves.

'Catalyst Cashouts Fed Action Alert



That’s the beauty of our Catalyst Cash-Outs trades. Karim and I monitor them like a hawk and we hold your hand throughout the entire process. That way you can see exactly how they move and learn how to adjust in real time to maximize their value.

In fact, Karim just announced his latest Catalyst Cash-Outs trade on an “in-and-out” move after the Bitcoin Halving event. We also have several catalysts coming up next week including the PPI and CPI reports.

Click here to unlock Karim’s latest Catalyst Cash-Outs trade.

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