My Top Ai “Pick and Shovel” Pick

I’d like to share with you, what I’m calling, my #1 Ai “pick and shovel” trade.

The company is called Vertiv Holdings (VRT – NYSE).

Now, I admit….

In a world where you hear the Ai wonders of Nvidia, AMD, and other chip-makers on a daily basis….

You most likely have never heard about Vertiv.

But as you’ll see below, they could soon become a major player in the Ai sector – so it’s best to get positioned in the stock now – while it’s still relatively unknown and under the radar.

Here’s the scoop…

Vertiv is a leading provider of power and cooling infrastructure equipment – which is critical to the growth of Ai.

You see, Ai servers generate 5x more heat than traditional CPU servers.

They also require 10x more cooling per square foot.

Therefore, switching to liquid cooling from traditional air-based cooling can reduce operational expenses by 40%.

That’s why I believe that data centers will begin installing more efficient cooling systems – which leads back to VRT.

Vertiv Stands to Gain From Ai



As Ai continues to power our lives, it sure feels like that company who provides the most efficient data centers will emerge as a pure “pick and shovel” play in the midst of this AI goldrush. It’ll be volatile – but I believe it’ll pay off handsomely. Feel free to add shares at current levels.

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