One Crucial Wartime Trade to Make Now

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the fallout from Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend…

As a quick summary…

During a 5-hour attack, Iran initiated an offensive assault against Isreal – which totaled around 300 munitions – the majority of which were believed to have been launched from inside of Iran’s territory.

And luckily, almost all of the ballistic missiles and drones Iran launched at Israel in this unprecedented attack were intercepted and failed to meet their mark.

As Karim and I recently predicted…

This incredible defense was due to the efforts of a formidable, and 2-part missile defense system.

The first developed by Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT).

The second by RTX Corporation (RTX).


The Aegis Combat System, produced by LMT, is an American integrated naval weapons system, which uses computers and radars to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets.

The next rung in the missile defense ladder is David’s Sling, using technology from Raytheon, which protects against short- and medium-range threats.

Taken together, these two anti-defense missile technologies prevented a major geo-political event that could’ve been the trigger to start a 3rd major world war.

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