Play Short Squeezes “To The Moon”

One of the most powerful – and unique – situations on Wall Street involves a stock engaged in a “short squeeze.”

By definition…

A short squeeze occurs when the price of an asset rises sharply – which triggers the traders who sold short on that stock to close their positions.

In other words…

If any given stock has a significant amount of short sellers (meaning investors are betting on its price falling) – and those short sellers decide that they’re wrong – they cover their short position – which “squeezes” the stock higher.

This moment – when the shorts cover their position – creates a short squeeze – which moves the price of an asset unexpectedly higher.

According to Investopedia…

Short Squeeze

Short squeezes don’t happen every day.

But when they do occur, the gains can be exhilarating.

This is exactly what happened earlier this week inside The War Room.

Here’s what happened…

Back in early April, I offered a speculative idea on shares of Canopy Growth (CGC) – the Canadian cannabis producer.

They had a short % of float around 12%. But there was pending news that could really impact the company.

You see, CGC was preparing to jump into the U.S. market – helped by the Biden administration, who could ease some current restrictions.

Germany just made a similar move, so I speculated that this could be a play worth making ahead of any coming news.

Here is the buy alert I posted inside the War Room:

Image of a buy alert post for Canopy Growth (CGC) by Bryan Bottarelli in The War Room

Then, we waited…

And nearly a month later, the short squeeze speculation paid off.

As you can see below, CGC moved from $8.00 per share up to $14.59 per share – and those War Room members who were holding calls hit a big winner.

'To the Moon Action on Canopy Growth'

Here’s what they reported…

“In (CGC) at 1.85 (after I averaged down last week) Out for 4.30. 132% gain (in 24 trading days). Thank you Bryan!.” – DeacNJax

“CGC 3May 10c – In .91 – Sold ¼ at 3.65 +300% gain (in 24 trading days) – I’m going to see what happens overnight with the remainder. I love a free ride!” – Casu

“Got in late so did a modification to the CGC trade 3May calls entered .80 exited at 1.89 (135% gain in 24 trading days.) Thanks!” – Jacob111



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