Profit From the Global Heat Wave

When asked what the greatest modern-day invention in our lifetimes is, most will reply immediately and say the internet.

I’m here to tell you… that response is wrong.

You see, in my opinion, the better answer is that the greatest modern-day invention in our lifetimes is air conditioning.

And right now, as we enter a global heat wave, we have an opportunity to buy one stock that’ll most certainly benefit.

So let’s dive in…

As I’m sure you know, record high temperatures have wreaked havoc around the world.

  • In southern England, railway tracks bent from the heat.
  • In China, roof tiles on a museum melted.
  • In Texas, heat and droughts have caused nearly 200 water main breaks over the past month.

Just look at the world heat map…


With triple-digit temperatures being reported across the country – including in parts of California, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee – and meteorologists now estimating that more than 85% of the population (totaling 275 million Americans) could see high temperatures above 90 degrees over the next few weeks, the case for an air circulation/air conditioning leader like Carrier Global Corp. (NYSE: CARR) makes a TON of sense.

As a quick overview, Carrier provides heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security, and building automation technologies worldwide, and it has three primary business segments:

  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Fire & Security.

As crazy as it may sound, extreme heat is deadlier than tornadoes, hurricanes and all other weather events – combined.


Action Plan: When you combine global warming with extreme temperatures – and the misery they both create – buying a world leader in air conditioning and refrigeration sounds like betting on a trend that won’t go away anytime soon. With Carrier reporting earnings before the open this Thursday, the time to get positioned in the stock is now!

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P.S. Given the topic of today’s article, I thought you’d find this image rather amusing…


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