First Half Report Card: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s been a dogsh!t first half of 2022…

However, despite the roughest start to a year for the market since the 1970s, there have been some big winners – which I reveal in the video below.

Most importantly, I show you how to use these winners to your advantage – all while avoiding the biggest stock market dogs.

So here we go…

The good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing is spared.

Click the image below to watch the video.

Action Plan: Despite causing some record stock lows, the bear markets haven’t had anything on The War Room. Of the 252 trades we’ve closed so far this year… 193 have been profitable. That includes a 90.47% win rate on hedges, with an average return of 12.31% and a total return of 157.16%. That’s how you collect profits in a bear market.

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Testimonial Tuesday 

“I am less than $60 away from my 3rd $1,000 week. $400 away from a $4K month. Thank you, Karim, Bryan and all the WR members. If I can improve on this, I will tell my job they can find someone else for 2 days/week.”
– Dstoll

“My IRA is behaving during this time period. Went to mainly cash awhile back (roughly 65%), so on days like today – while the market is down 2% – I’m down like 1/10th of that. Sleeping easy at night and looking for that go signal – i.e., when we see capitulation and the VIX is north of 40. I’m sleeping easier at night because of the advice from our gurus here in the WR. Thank you, Karim and Bryan and all the great, experienced teachers we have here in the WR.”
– Tom D4