The Most Important Stock on the Planet

This big day is almost here…

After the close of trading Wednesday Nvidia will report earnings.

Goldman Sachs – who many of you know are the smartest Wall Street guys in the room – have already dubbed NVIDIA Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA), “The most important stock on the planet.”

That’s quite a powerful statement – which is why this week’s earnings report could be so impactful.

How NVDA reacts on Wednesday will send shockwaves throughout the global marketplace – which is why I’m gearing up to issue a Nvidia One-Day Super Trade this week.

If you want the details on how we plan to execute this trade – along with two FREE trade ideas that could profit off up or down moves – you must act today.

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I plan to issue this trade Wednesday afternoon -around 3:00 PM EST (one hour before the close) for those who join me in The War Room. We want to get positioned in a unique way that should profit no matter if NVDA moves up or down.

Due to the enormity of this opportunity, we are detailing the mechanics of the trade a day BEFORE earnings. This gives you a chance to learn more about the strategy and join us for the ride.

To set the table for this release…

Insatiable demand for NVDA’s graphic chips has analysts projecting $21.3 billion in revenue for their data-storage segment – and $24.6 billion in total sales.

If those numbers are reached, it would represent growth rates of +398% and +241% respectively – both of which are eye-popping.

The consensus estimate is earnings per share of $5.59, which is an equally mind-blowing +413% more than the same quarter one year ago.

After gaining +239% in 2023, NVDA is currently up +87% so far in 2024.

Will these astronomical gains continue?

Or… will an earnings disappointment send shares moving lower?

Will Nvidia Explode Higher?

This upcoming NVDA earnings release will be the most-watched earnings reaction of the entire year.

But here’s the thing…

Most investors are about to get taken to the cleaners.

You see, with so such excitement and anticipation for this event…

Everyday investors will pay huge price premiums – all in hopes that NVDA continues to soar.

But today… I’m here to tell you…

There’s a better way to play NVDA’s earnings.

The trade I’m about to reveal is 90% cheaper paying nearly $1,000 for one share of NVDA stock.

And… it has nothing to do with guessing on call or put options on NVDA.

Best of all, when you use my unique strategy…

**It doesn’t matter if NVDA moves UP or moves DOWN.

**With my Super Trade, you can profit so long as there is movement!

It all has to do with a unique strategy I deploy in The War Room frequently, called “the overnight earnings strangle.”

The Power of Overnight Trades

A lot of new members to The War Room all tend to ask the same question…

What is an overnight earnings strangle?

To me, it’s one of the most powerful strategies we use at Monument Trader’s Alliance.

Today, I’ll give you a clear and concise breakdown of how this trading tactic works – so you can get a good base knowledge before our event on Tuesday.

To start, the primary element of the strategy involves an options trading position called a “strangle.”

A strangle is a trading strategy that’s used if you think the underlying security will experience a large price movement in the near future – but, you’re unsure of the direction.

In other words…

Say a stock that you happen like (in this case, let’s use Home Depot) is about to report earnings.

You think a strong earnings report could shoot HD’s stocks price up +$10.00.

But on the flipside, a weak earnings report could push HD’s stock price down -$10.00.

You’re unclear as to the direction of Home Depot…

But either way, you have a feeling that HD could make a big move.

In cases like this, a strangle trade would be the perfect way to trade HD – because this options strategy would be profitable no matter if HD makes a big move up – or makes a big move down.

As long as HD makes a sharp move in price, a strangle trade will win.

To enter into a strangle trade on Home Depot, you’d enter two options: You’d buy a HD call option – and you’d also buy a HD put option – each with different strike prices – but both with the same expiration date.

Here’s how to look at this graphically…

Long Strangle

What I like most about this trade is that the total risk is limited… while the total upside is unlimited.

For example, the call option has theoretically unlimited upside, while the put option can profit if the underlying asset falls.

Your total risk on this trade is only premium that you paid for the two options. Nothing more.

To calculate your break-even price, simply take the entire cost of the strangle (the call price plus the put price) and add it to your call strike. That’s your break-even on the upside.

Then, take the entire cost of the strangle – and subtract that from your put strike. That’s your break-even on the downside.

As long as your stock moves ABOVE or BELOW either of these values, your strangle trade will be profitable.

How can a strangle trade lose money? That’s simple. If the stock that you think is going to make a big move remains flat… or does not move higher or low enough – then your strangle trade will lose money.

But that’s the key takeaway of my Overnight Earnings Strategy…

To avoid the risk of a stock NOT making a big move… I enter into these strangle positions a day BEFORE a stock is set to make an earnings announcement (just like I will do with the Nvidia One-Day Super Trade this week).

After all…

Earnings announcements tend to ignite the biggest one-day moves on stocks – up or down. So, adding a strangle position just before a big earnings announcement ignites a big stock move represents one of the smartest, and highest-performing strategies.



The strategy that I just used to make +36%, +84%, & +207% overnight will soon be used to trade NVDA earnings – and starting today – you’re invited to sign up for the event – TOTALLY FREE!

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  • JP Morgan increases interest income – The bank upgraded their net numbers and reiterated their fortress balance sheet over the weekend. But, hidden in the news was the banking giant’s successful fight to loosen the reserve requirements for all the big banks.
  • Iran President Dies in Crash: Over the weekend, a helicopter crash killed the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and another high ranking member. Sad news for their families.