This Dip Is a Massive Gift!

It’s been a furious upside market rally in the month of November.

As you read this, Wall Street is coming off its fourth straight positive week.

The S&P 500 is up 8.6% so far this month…

The Dow has bounced nearly 7%…

And the tech-heavy Nasdaq has popped 11%.

These are huge monthly moves. And they’re a result (partially) of Black Friday e-commerce spending jumping 7.5% from last year.

So, after such a fast and furious November bounce, it’s easy to understand why most stock charts appear “toppy” as we head into December.

(NOTE:Toppy” is a non-technical term that I use to describe a chart that has moved up too far too fast and needs a consolidation – or even a pullback – before it can begin its next upside move.)

So the obvious question is…

At the end of a month in which stocks have blasted higher…

Are there any bargains left right now on Wall Street?

The short answer is “yes!”

There’s one name I really like…

And it represents one of the best bargains in the entire market.

This one name is none other than Walmart (WMT).

Walmart an Enticing Value After Pullback



As you can see in the chart, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) recently peaked at $170… only to pull back to $155 before finding a support base. To me, this earnings-based pullback is a gift. Now that we’ve seen that consumers have been resilient and Black Friday sales were strong, buying this WMT dip is a great opportunity. At a time when most other stocks are pushing toward upside resistance levels, WMT is at a bargain price that makes it worth buying immediately.

P.S. I traded WMT inside The War Room this morning… and it led to a quick winner.

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  • Nordstrom Looks Like a Bargain. I believe there’s an opportunity in JWN, which is trading at just $15 per share. At its Nordstrom Rack stores, the company offers top-branded products for discounted prices. That seems like the sweet spot in today’s retail environment. Tracking.
  • U.S. Consumers Flex Their Muscles. Black Friday shoppers spent a record $9.8 billion in U.S. online sales, which is 7.5% more than they spent last year. We’ll likely see some more strong sales today, which is Cyber Monday.
  • Coinbase a Safe Crypto Play. A massive 16% pop last week gives me the impression that COIN is quickly becoming the only stable way to play crypto. If tech stocks and gold start to struggle, COIN could soon emerge as an alternative for portfolio diversification.
  • Corporate Travel Is Back. As I noted in Trade of the Day Plus recently, corporate travel is back in business, and Marriott International (MAR) could be a big beneficiary. Thanks to a tailwind of accelerated spending on business travel, we could have an upside play in the works.