This Government Loophole Is Providing Ample Opportunity for Traders

We’re just over 3 months into 2024, and already we’ve seen incredible positive momentum in the markets.

The Dow ended Q1 24′ up +5.6%, the S&P ended up +10.2%, and the Nasdaq ended up +9.1%.

In short, it’s been an incredible run so far. Now, I’m looking to keep the momentum going, and one way I’m doing that is by paying attention to a key catalyst event.

And today, I have one catalyst event you need to get on your radar.

It’s called the JOLTS report.

In case you didn’t know, the “JOLTS” in the JOLTS report stands for “Jobs Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.” These reports are conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic once a month, or 12 times a year.

You might’ve noticed we let readers know about upcoming catalyst events in the “Wake-up Watchlist” newsletter each morning. For example, this morning’s watchlist mentioned jobs data coming out this coming Friday.

These events can offer major opportunities for traders, and here’s why I’m especially excited about the JOLTS report…

When I went back over the past 10 years of market data, I discovered that on a typical day the market moves about 0.05%.

But on the days the government releases JOLTS reports…

The market moves 222% more.

So the moves are more than triple a normal day.

In the past 3 years… on the day of a JOLTS report release… the market moves 425% more than usual. That means these reports make the market move 5 times bigger than the average day.

And in the past two years…Brace yourself…The moves have been 824% bigger.

Chart: Typical Market Days vs. Jolts Report Release Days

To give you just one example, on May 2nd of 2023, the government released a jobs report and it showed a weakening jobs market.

The Dow dropped 367 points. That’s just ONE event. And last year alone, there was a big market swing 10-out-of-12 times after the JOLTS report. That’s an 83% chance of a swing each time.

But that’s not all, there’s a reason why the JOLTS swings are getting bigger and bigger over the last few years.

You see… technology is evolving and traders are relying more on algorithms for trades. This creates more volatility because computers can trade faster than humans. The physical deal days of trading are long gone.

This breakneck pace leads to bigger market swings as the market responds to the faster moves. Combine that with the higher volatility of the JOLTs report, you have the chance for even bigger swings in the market – and thus – even more profit potential.

The crazy part is… most beginner traders don’t know how to profit from these volatile moves… until now.



The JOLTS report has proven to result in big market swings on a consistent basis. But, it’s impossible to know whether the JOLTs report will move the markets up or down. That’s why I’m unveiling a new strategy on how to trade this key catalyst event.

This strategy involves making one simple trade right before the JOLTS report comes out. And you won’t have to worry about whether the market crashes or surges. I’ll be showing you this trade live on my own screen so you can witness it in person.

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