Three Years of Pent-Up Backlog: Now Rapidly Unwinding

Right now, I bet you can name someone you know who’s going on a cruise…

Or, at the very least, I bet you know someone who is thinking about booking a cruise in the future.

Maybe that person is you.

Perhaps you’re about to pull the trigger on booking a cruise yourself?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone…

As you read this, the world’s top cruise operators are reporting record bookings.

And as a result, cruise stocks are starting to trade above pre-pandemic levels.

Why are new cruise travelers booking pent-up trips that they’ve been putting off for years?

The answer is simple…

Right now, the value is too compelling to ignore.

For instance, it’s now cheaper to book a cruise cabin than to rent a single hotel room at a high-end resort.

The result is rising cruise-liner demand that could last for years.

That’s why I like Viking (VIK).

VIK's Value Too Compelling to Ignore

As a newly-public company, Viking is the highest-end of the cruise ship market.

Founded in 1997 and based in Pembroke, Bermuda, they travel throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and internationally.

As of December ’23, they operate a fleet of 92 ships, including 81 river vessels, 58 longships, 11 river vessels, 9 ocean ships, and 2 expedition ships.

Condé Nast Traveler just voted them as the #1 cruise-liner across all three categories of excursions: Rivers, Oceans & Expeditions.

If you’re going to finally book a cruise, I believe that you’ll go for the best of the best – and that leads to VIK.



Shares of Viking just traded at its highest level since going public a month ago – while Royal Caribbean (RCL) – which is the largest of the group by market cap, is up +16% in 2024 and just closed at an all-time high. I think adding VIK at these levels represents strong upside potential that could last for years to come.

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  • Fed reports on Wednesday: On Wednesday is the latest Fed decision – and the FOMC is almost all but assumed to keep the federal-funds rate unchanged at 5.25% to 5.50%. As always, we will be tracking the impact on the markets.
  • Biotech group gaining traction: After 30 years of unprofitability, biotech firm Geron (GERN) finally won its first approval from the FDA for a blood cancer treatment. For a stock less than $5.00, it could be a flyer to take on further upside – and more good news.