Two More (Potentially Explosive) SPAC Stocks

As you know, I’ve been tracking the trading moves of popular “blank check” acquisition companies.

Also known as special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), they are formed to raise capital through an initial public offering (IPO). They then use the cash equity capital from the IPO to merge with a private company to take it public.

First came Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE), and then we had Tortoise Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: SHLL) – and both were huge Trade of the Day winners.

As a review, here are those issues…

What SPACs could be next to hit big?

Here are two that I like…

This past Monday, Fisker Inc., a new electric vehicle maker with hopes of bringing an SUV to market in 2022, agreed to be purchased recently by Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: SPAQ) at a value of almost $3 billion.

The owner, Henrik Fisker, is a legendary car designer who has a resume that includes the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin V-8 Vantage. Right now, he believes that the business model for car manufacturing is changing. He said, “It makes no sense to build a plant. It’s smarter to contract, think of the Apple-Foxconn model.”

And that explains why the Spartan Energy idea works. This company doesn’t trade options yet, but it may be a stock play worth speculating on.

Also, this past Monday…

Churchill Capital Corp. (NYSE: CCXX) and MultiPlan entered into a definitive agreement to merge. The transaction will bring MultiPlan up to $3.7 billion of new equity to substantially reduce its debt, which will help grow its market-leading, technology-enabled, end-to-end healthcare cost-management solutions.

Action Plan: Highly speculative, highly volatile and entirely news-driven, the next two SPACs that could explode higher are Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. and Churchill Capital Corp. Adding each to your speculative portfolio on these recent pullbacks seems like a timely entry. If you’re willing to speculate, then the time to scale lightly into each one is now!

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