Will This Blatant Overreaction Continue?

Tomorrow morning, before the open of trading, RTX (RTX) will release its latest earnings report.

Here are the two possible scenarios…

If the stock moves lower, it could extend one of the most blatant overreactions occurring on Wall Street right now.

But if it moves higher, it has the potential to trigger a turnaround that could last the entire 2024 trading year.

Either way, tomorrow’s earnings report could open up instant profit opportunities for you.

Here’s a rundown of this entire situation…

As I’m sure you know, Karim and I agree that RTX is one of the best defense and aerospace values you can buy.

The stock has been under pressure lately due to a problem with the geared turbofan engine made by its Pratt & Whitney subsidiary. The defect forced hundreds of engines to be remediated before their regularly scheduled maintenance.

This could cost RTX $3.5 billion over the next two years, which has triggered a litany of downgrades and cost the stock $35 billion in market cap.

That’s 10X the cost of fixing the issue. Talk about an overreaction!

Pratt’s commercial engines will account for less than 10% of RTX’s profits this year, while RTX’s strongest revenue center – its missile division – stands to generate one-third of the profits for its defense business.

As I just argued in my “2024 Predictions and Forecast” presentation, missiles are the #1 area of the defense budget that needs rapid upgrades and a massive increase in production.

To put it all in perspective…

The Pratt military business accounts for around $7 billion of RTX’s $73 billion in profits. One small segment of RTX’s operation costing it $35 billion in market cap is a gross overreaction – which is why we feel RTX represents a tremendous value at these levels.

RTX: One of the Best Values on the Market



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The War Room Fast Pass



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