Have I Changed my Mind About Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is very suspect.

And a questionable asset class.

Look, on November 7, 2021, crypto had a $2.7 trillion market cap. But by November 14, 2022, it dwindled to $830 billion.

How can you categorize and put it in the same class as gold as being a safe haven investment?

You can’t.

But as a trader, my job is to look for opportunities that make sense based on risk vs. reward.

Which is what Catalyst Cash-Outs Live Trading Room specializes in.

You see, despite my utter disgust for Bitcoin, I now see an opportunity.

And I’m able to put my personal bias to the side if it means making money in the market.

Have I had a change of heart about Bitcoin?

Not at all…

But here’s why I see opportunity…

You see, Bitcoin bulls are cult-like.

Many of them, including casual investors, jumped on the train, thinking the bitcoin halving would be a catalyst for taking it to all-time highs.

Bitcoin halving is an event that happens about every four years. In this event, the reward for mining new Bitcoin blocks is cut in half, making new Bitcoins harder to create.

Bitcoin fanboys believe this is super bullish because if the demand for Bitcoin remains strong while the supply grows more slowly, the price could increase due to this scarcity effect.

That’s why we saw a massive spike in March in Bitcoin in anticipation for the April halving. Knowing this, I actually got positioned on a BITO in The War Room and closed a trade in early March for a 194% winner in 123 days.

It was a classic “sell the news” play.

Not only did Bitcoin not rally, it’s down sharply from its March highs.

And that’s where I see opportunity.

A lot of traders jumped into Bitcoin thinking that buying the halving would make them rich…and it didn’t happen.

Thus creating selling pressure.

And if we see further selling pressure, I’m willing to take a shot at a long.

No, I won’t be buying actual Bitcoin. Instead, I’ve got my eyes on a certain Bitcoin ETF.

Specifically, I want to give myself enough time to be right on this trade so I bought options with a far-out expiration.

And to be extra careful, I bought options deep in the money.

Action Plan: The Catalyst Cash-Outs Live Trading Room is not like a typical trading room.

You see, my partner Bryan and I are specifically focused on short-term catalyst opportunities.

Given his background as a former market maker on the CBOE, we’re able to find short-term trades that offer explosive profit opportunities.

Our track record in Q1 2024 was nothing short of phenomenal.

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